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About Hello Mellow Massage

Hello, I'm Brooke, the founder of Hello Mellow Massage, bringing eight years of dedicated practice to your well-being journey. As a seasoned massage therapist and Reiki master, I go beyond the physical body, harmonizing with the energetic aspects of your being.

 By seamlessly blending relaxation techniques, I aim to nurture your mind, body, and spirit. Hello Mellow Massage is more than a space for physical rejuvenation; it's a sanctuary where you can feel safe and supported on your holistic wellness journey. I take pride in going above and beyond to ensure that your experience is transformative and enriching.

Hello Mellow Massage


All massages and treatments come with a complimentary aromatherapy and hot compress. Click each service to learn more.

Please be sure to review the Terms & Policies before booking an appointment. Terms & Policies can be found here.​

30 Minute - $50
60 Minute - $70
90 Minute - $100
60 Minute - $80
90 Minute - $110
120 Minute - $160
60 Minute - $80
90 Minute - $110
15 Minute Add On - $20
30 Minute Add On - $35
60 Minute Add On - $65
Salt Glow Scrub - $125
Palm & Sole Treatment - $55
Mellow Sole Treatment - $55
Calm Palm Treatment - $55
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Hello Mellow Massage
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Act of Kindness Program - Donate a Massage or Reiki Service

The monthly Acts of Kindness Program is designed to help individuals who may be struggling financially and cannot afford holistic healing services. On the first of the month, I’ll pull a name at random from the submissions.


The winner will receive one 60 minute service of their choosing (massage or Reiki) completely free of cost. You may register yourself or nominate someone you know who is in need.  The program will reset monthly.

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